Hyperspace Integration - New Feature Requests

‘Outside of the Box’ Requests 

If you currently use Hyperspace for integration, the time may arise when you require a new feature or setting that does not exist in the platform today. It may be something specific to your business or a feature that you want added to the top of our list.

Hyperspace receives hundreds of new requests each month and we do our best to prioritize the ones that are critical.  

Your Hyperspace subscription covers the cost of support and overhead for the platform. It includes support for API updates, backup, security, hosting and general integration support and training.  Each subscription plan is tailored according to the different integrations you use. Development hours for new requests are not included.

Any new request takes time to develop, test and implement into our user interface. Even a minor request can take a week or more to properly integrate to the platform.  

Hyperspace offers our clients a Professional Services option. 

Hyperspace can build out your specific custom feature at a rate of $95/hr. You can submit a quote request by emailing the details to contact@hyperspacehq.com or by discussing the new feature with your project manager.

Thank you for your consideration and interest in Hyperspace. We look forward to helping you grow your business.

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