Amazon SP-API Developer Update

Amazon introduced a new API to download orders called SP-API. Hyperspace upgraded all systems to support the new API.

Unfortunately, Amazon has also created a new secondary process that requires Hyperspace to re-enroll as an Amazon Developer. This registration requirement process was not announced with the new API update notice. The Hyperspace Registration Application has been in review at Amazon for almost 4 weeks with no updates.

There are no contact numbers to call and all support emails to Amazon have gone unanswered.

Screenshot 2023-09-12 at 8.52.53 AM.png

Amazon terminated the old API, but have yet to approve our developer registration for the new API to download sales.

We are making all attempts to reach Amazon, but at this time we may be required to wait until Amazon completes the developer registration process.

It is our assumption that they are 'overloaded' with developer requests and do not have adequate resources.

We will update this article as more news comes available. 

For clients using Shopify, a recommended short-term approach may be to use a 3rd party app or alternate vendor until this is resolved. If you want to try to get your own Developer Credentials please see the instructions below.  If you are able to get your own Developer Credentials, Hyperspace can use those instead of our own.


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