Auto-Sync / Tag Sync

Before reviewing the auto-sync tag feature, it is important to understand the basics of how Hyperspace syncs product data.

There are 3 buttons at the bottom of the inventory tab in Hyperspace which syncs product data to the online store. 


Web Store Sync: This process runs every 5 minutes and only syncs inventory and price changes to your online store for products checked Sell on Web in Hyperspace. This does not sync any other data except inventory and price changes. It runs automatically 24/7. If a product is not checked Sell on Web in Hyperspace, inventory and price changes will cease to sync.

Web Store Sync All: This process will sync all fields for every product marked SELL ON WEB that has been updated recently.  This process syncs all data fields. It runs nightly along with the image sync and on-demand if clicked.

Lightspeed records the modified date and time when you change a product data field on a product. So if you change the product title, weight, web long description, brand or anything else, Lightspeed will update the timestamp for that product.

Hyperspace 'remembers' the timestamp of every product, so when it checks Lightspeed for new changes it is looking for products where the timestamp has been changed. This tells Hyperspace that you have updated a field for that product in Lightspeed and it needs to sync those new changes to the online store.

It will first check Lightspeed for any new product updates and then it will sync all products with a new timestamp to the online store. 

Web Store Sync Selected: This will re-sync all product data fields for a specific product that you have selected. This function only runs on-demand when clicked. You will need to click on the box on the far left side of the product in Hyperspace to select it. The product must also be marked SELL ON WEB for it to sync. This is a great tool for testing when you are integrating to a new store.


Hyperspace also has an auto-sync tag feature.  This enables you to tag products to sell online in Lightspeed and never login to Hyperspace.

This feature was designed for clients that create a large volume of new products everyday for the online store. This enables employees to enter products throughout the day. When the Lightspeed API changes from 30 requests per minute to 130 requests per minute in the evening, the process is initiated. This ensures that the API is available during the day for all other processes (e.g. email marketing, inventory sync, marketplace integrations like eBay). The next morning all of the new products will appear online and you can continue adding more to Lightspeed. 

When adding tags to products in Lightspeed, be sure to add the tag to the Item Matrix Master product if you create these in Lightspeed.



If it is vital that you get a product online in seconds, you can always use the buttons in Hyperspace to make that happen (See Web Store Sync Selected).

In your Hyperspace settings you can specify a tag such as: webon, dragonfire, woocom, wocommerce. You can choose any tag you want. If you enter that tag into the product in Lightspeed the following will occur:

1. Once per day at 12 p.m. PST, the Hyperspace system will search your database for all new products with your tag. It will then check the 'Sell on Web' checkbox in Hyperspace.

2. Once per day at 1 a.m. PST, the Hyperspace system will sync all products that were updated. So this process will see all the new products that were marked Sell on Web and sync them to the online store.







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