WooCommerce Integration Settings

There are numerous settings located in Hyperspace to configure your WooCommerce Integration. Below you will find a list and an explanation for each. It is important that you select your specific settings before syncing all products to WooCommerce.

Sync Categories: If enabled, this setting will sync categories from Lightspeed to WooCommerce. The exact hierarchy within Lightspeed will be sent to WooCommerce. Products that are assigned to the category hierarchy in Lightspeed will be assigned to the same category hierarchy in WooCommerce.

Sync Web Long Description: If enabled, Hyperspace will sync the Web Long Description in Lightspeed to the Web Long Description in WooCommerce.

Sync Web Short Description:If enabled, Hyperspace will sync the Web Short Description in Lightspeed to the Web Short Description in WooCommerce.

Note: The Web Store fields are activated upon request to your Hyperspace PM. There is no charge to activate the fields below and there is no additional monthly fee from Hyperspace or Lightspeed. Some Lightspeed servers in certain countries do not support activating this feature. 


Not Syncing Child Products with 0 Inventory to WooCommerce: If enabled, Hyperspace will not sync child products within an Item-Matrix that have 0 stock to WooCommerce

Sync images: If enabled, Hyperspace will sync images and alternate images from Lightspeed to WooCommerce.

What field in LightSpeed is the WooCommerce Product SKU: This setting will enable you to select the field in Lightspeed that will be used as your WooCommerce SKU online. Your choices are the System ID, Custom SKU or the Manufacturer SKU.

IMPORTANT: It is important the you select this option before syncing all products to WooCommerce. Changing this option will create new products with the new SKU selection.

Use the Shipping Address as the Primary Billing Address: If Enabled, Lightspeed will accept the Shipping Address in WooCommerce as the primary Billing address in Lightspeed when downloading online orders. It is recommended that you activate this setting.

Auto-Sync new tagged product data and images: If enabled, this will activate your auto-sync tags.

Auto-Sync tags: Enter only 1 word into this field to represent your tag.

For more information on auto-sync tags which enable you to mark which products to go online inside Lightspeed, please review this article.

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