How do I confirm the status of an order?

Hyperspace has a lot of queues to indicate the status of order. For example, a green button with a green background indicates that the order has been successfully enrolled to Apple Device Enrollment.  A red-shaded background means that the order has an error.

There might be a need to confirm what Apple has on record on their database. The order in Hyperspace may appear successful, but if you have doubts the best solution is to run a SHOW ORDER DETAILS on the order. 

First locate the order under the Invoices tab in Hyperspace and select the checkbox on the far left.


At the bottom of the Invoices tab there is a button called SHOW ORDER DETAILS. On some versions of Hyperspace it is under the MORE button.

Click the SHOW ORDER DETAILS button.


This buttons will show you the order details that Apple has on file for this order ID. Hyperspace will send a request to Apple's servers and ask Apple what it has on file for the order you selected. A pop-up will appear in the middle of the screen similar to the image below.

It will show the serial numbers on the order and the status of each one. A status of COMPLETE, indicates that the serial number is successfully enrolled to Apple's Device Enrollment Program.


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