Locating your Customer ID


Before you enroll devices to Apple's Device Enrollment Program, you need to confirm 2 items with the department that is placing the order. 

1. You need to confirm their Customer ID to make sure you are enrolling devices to the correct account. There is usually a setting in your Point of Sale or Hyperspace where you add the Customer ID's to the Customer Record or Customer Category. Please check with your Hyperspace Project Manager if you need guidance on how to add additional Customer ID's to your system.

2. You need to verify they have added you as an Authorized Reseller in their Apple Portal.

To do this ask your customer (department) to access their MDM Portal here:


They will need to login to the portal with their Apple ID. If they do not know their login, they will need to contact the IT administrator or Apple representative. It is possible that they are not authorized to view or manage devices for your University. So even if they login, they may not be able to view devices. If that is the case. the issue should be resolved between your IT administration and your Apple Representative.

Once you login to your MDM Portal, go the Organization Details tab. Here you will see your Customer ID on the top left corner under the Customer ID heading.


You will also see your Authorized Resellers on the right lower corner (Device Purchased From)


Be sure to click Add Reseller and enter your Reseller ID. If you do not know your Reseller ID, please contact your tech store. The Reseller ID was provided by Apple during your Golden Transaction testing, but it is usually listed in your Hyperspace settings. Devices will not enroll or appear in your portal unless the Reseller is authorized.


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