Error: You are not allowed to revise ended listings.

By default most accounts in eBay have the option enabled where once an item is purchased and total stock reaches 0, the listing is forever expired.  It cannot be revived. This is an eBay rule that cannot be changed. To avoid this error, please review the setting below.

If you already have an ended list you can try to fix it in Hyperspace.

First select the product that has the ended listing in Hyperspace. It should be check to SELL ON EBAY already. Select the far left checkbox and then click the green button at the bottom of Hyperspace called 'FIX ENDED LISTING'.



Be sure to review the section below to prevent ended listings from occurring. 

Settings ensure that Hyperspace will re-list items

If you create a product in Lightspeed that has a stock level of 1 and list that item on eBay, when it is sold the listing is permanently expired when stock reaches 0.  You cannot re-list to an eBay listing with the same SKU that has already ended. You cannot re-enable the same listing if you replenish your stock levels in Lightspeed.  

You can modify your eBay settings in eBay and Hyperspace to work around this eBay issue so you can re-list. See image below.


STEP 1: You can enable the ‘Out of Stock’ option in your eBay account to re-list to the same listing when you have more stock available in Lightspeed.  Go to My Account > Site Preferences > Seller Preferences and click YES and Apply. (See image above)

STEP 2: In order to configure Hyperspace to update stock to an existing listing you will need to modify the setting in Hyperspace. It is usually enabled by default, but you can verify this by clicking the Green Arrow in the top right corner > Account Settings > eBay Settings

In the first section called Data Update Settings, you will see a setting called:

'Enable Out of Stock Settings for all Listings'  - Please make sure this is enabled.


Note 1: eBay has a rule that if you do not replenish stock within 90 days, the listing will expire regardless of your Out of Stock settings.

Note 2: If you want to re-list a listing that has already expired, you can delete it from your eBay Account and then Hyperspace will create a new listing in eBay. Hyperspace cannot create a new listing in eBay if the same SKU is already in your eBay account and that listing that has permanently ended.



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