NetSuite Order Color Legend

For customers running NetSuite Integration with Lightspeed, you can view your orders in the Hyperspace system. In Hyperspace there are colored buttons next to each order. There are 4 colors; Green, Red, Yellow and Blue. 


Green: The sale in Lightspeed is in process of transmitting to create a Cash Sale in NetSuite ERP. You can see all pending orders by clicking on the In-Queue radio button.


Green sales are in queue to sync to NetSuite ERP. If it has not synced, it is most likely in-line waiting for other processes to finish so it can sync.

Red: This indicates that there is an error with the sale. Hyperspace attempted to sync this sale to NetSuite and NetSuite ERP would not accept it. You can typically view the error message returned from NetSuite by clicking on the Error radio button.

Yellow: This order has been successfully synced to NetSuite. The Cash Sale has already been created in NetSuite ERP.

Blue: This is an exception order. It is most likely an order that was received by NetSuite and synced into Lightspeed. Some businesses connect their eCommerce platform directly to NetSuite and then sync the orders back to Lightspeed. These orders will appear blue.



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