OnSite to Retail Migration: Migrating Core Data

Migrating from Lightspeed OnSite or any older Point of Sale to Lightspeed Retail does take some time, but it can be accomplished fairly easily and affordably.  Lightspeed OnSite migration involves exporting your data from Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale and migrating it over to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. Typically, most clients are interested in moving the following data:

  1. Customers
  2. Products
  3. Suppliers

You can export this data from Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale by going to Tools > Export >

From there you can choose to export customers, products or suppliers.




We recommend clicking the Copy All button on lower left corner which will copy all fields to the right window.


This will export all fields once you click Export.


Please note that the export process could take minutes or hours depending on how much data is in your Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale. Also note that this process will be running on the computer, so you cannot use that specific computer for other Point of Sale processes while it is running. We recommend using a computer in the backroom versus the main computer used to ring out sales during the day.

Once this process is done, you will have 3 .txt files. One file that has all customers, a second file that has all suppliers and a third file with all of your products.  It is recommended that you rename the files. For example, if your 3 files could be named:

  1. customers.txt
  2. products,txt
  3. suppliers.txt

To see an example of this export process, click here.

The next step is to copy and paste the data in these sheets to the format accepted for import for Lightspeed Retail. You will need to prepare a spreadsheet based on the Lightspeed Retail requirements and format your spreadsheet for easy import.

Here are 3 articles prepared by Lightspeed Retail that review the requirements for each import:




Each of these articles has a sample download for the spreadsheet format required by Lightspeed Retail.  You will need to copy the data from the spreadsheets extracted from Lightspeed OnSite into these spreadsheets. Once finished, you will submit these spreadsheets to the Lightspeed Retail Data Import team for import.

A couple things to note:

If you are going to sync to an eCommerce site and will have products online that have sizes, colors or drop-down selections like the Dress below, be sure to create these as an Item-Matrix product with the right Item-Matrix Set and values in Lightspeed Retail. The drop-down selections in Lightspeed Retail will create drop-down selections in your eCommerce site.


There are columns in the product import sheet where you specify the following:

  1. Attribute Set such as Metal Type or Size or Color or all 3.
  2. Attribute Variants or Values such as Gold, Small or Blue.

If you sync product titles (e.g. Sunshine Dress) or variant values (blue) from Lightspeed Retail to your eCommerce site, how you spell and capitalize these data elements in Lightspeed will affect how it appears online.

Once Lightspeed Retail has imported your 3 spreadsheets, your Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale will contain all products, suppliers and customers from Lightspeed OnSite.  

Professional Services

If you do not wish to go through Lightspeed Retail to import your data Hyperspace can provide custom import tools that were designed for all users to use at their own discretion. These tools are provided with a yearly subscription to Hyperspace Cloud services for $600.00 and only minor bug support is included.

All businesses have different data requirements. Some businesses have strange characters ($@#%,html) in their data that has never been tested before. Others have corrupt data formats or incorrect .csv formats. Each business in unique and their technical expertise varies. Our team is happy to help you import your data and provide general consulting at a rate of $95/hr. We will even import your files for you. 

By using our data import tools and our team for imports you understand that there are inherent risks in providing support to data systems which include but are not limited to data loss, data corruption, or complete loss of files or directories. You agree by using this import tool or our import team that Hyperspace will not be held liable for damages in the case of data loss or data corruption.

Hyperspace also has advanced import tools to assist with Purchase Order imports and Gift Card Imports. Please discuss that with your Hyperspace PM. 


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