Amazon Order Routing

The Hyperspace integration for Amazon syncs products in Lightspeed to list on Amazon. It also downloads Amazon sales orders back to Lightspeed.  When configuring your Amazon order routing settings in Hyperspace, the first step is to open your Amazon Settings. 

Click on the top right GREEN ARROW and from the drop-down menu select Account Settings.


Use the orange arrow keys to scroll to the setting labeled: Amazon Settings.


Click on the tab called: Order Settings and you will see a screen similar to the one below.  

Amazon Register: The default register/location where orders will be routed to in Lightspeed. Inventory will be adjusted for all stock at that specific location based on the line items that exist on the Amazon order. 

Amazon Employee: The default employee in Lightspeed that will be attached to your Amazon orders. It is recommended that you create an employee in Lightspeed called 'Amazon Orders'. This will enable you to run reports in Lightspeed by employee and see all Amazon orders.

Amazon Payment Method: The default payment method in Lightspeed that will be attached to your Amazon orders. It is recommended that you create a payment method in Lightspeed called 'Amazon Payment'. This will enable you to run reports in Lightspeed by payment method and see all Amazon orders.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) sales orders will not sync to Lightspeed: If you enable this feature, FBA orders from Amazon will not download to Lightspeed. This will ensure that FBA orders do not download to Lightspeed and reduce stock.

Important: If you do not see your selection in one of the drop-down menu's but you are sure that it exists in Lightspeed, click the SYNC button on the top right.




Once you have completed those steps, there is also an additional setting you can activate. This setting will route the order to the store location that can best fulfill the order.

In the case of a business that has 3 stores; Store A, Store B and Store C and Store C is the only store that has stock for Jefferson Blue Jeans Size: Small.  If a customer orders the Jefferson Blue Jeans Size: Small and the default store you selected in the previous step is Store A, Hyperspace will route the sales order to Store C.

If the order is best fulfilled by a different store that has all items in stock, the order will be sent to that store location instead of the default. To activate this feature, go back to your Amazon Settings:


And turn this setting to Enabled.


This setting will route the order to the store that can fulfill the entire order.  If the order cannot be fulfilled by any one store, it will be routed to the default store and virtual inventory will be generated by Lightspeed to import the order with errors.





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