eBay Lightspeed Connector - eBay integration setup with Lightspeed

Getting Started with eBay Integration

This tutorial assumes you have already signed-up for the following services and have an active user login and password for both Lightspeed and Hyperspace.

A. Lightspeed 

If you do not have Lightspeed Account, please contact Lightspeed. You should have a login for Lightspeed.

B. Hyperspace (with the eBay Module activated and connected to your Lightspeed).

You should have a login for Hyperspace here. If you already use Hyperspace but are unsure if your account has the eBay module activated, login to Hyperspace and go to your Account settings. Using the orange arrows scroll through your eBay settings, click on the eBay settings here to see if your eBay module is active.




C. eBay Seller Account

If you do not have an eBay account, please click on the link: https://signin.eBay .com/

On this screen there will be a Register button that will guide you through the setup process to create an eBay Business Account to sell products on eBay.


Now you are ready to integrate your Lightspeed with your eBay Store.  

Accessing your API Key from eBay  

The first step to getting started is to access your API Keys from eBay so you can copy and paste them into Hyperspace. This will enable Hyperspace to communicate with eBay. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a string of numbers from one page to the other.

Click on the link below:


Once logged in you will see a screen similar to the one below:


Start by registering a new account for the developers program. It is entirely free and included with your eBay Business Account.  Once you register, the next screen will ask you to create your application name. Enter ‘hyperspace’ into the box and continue.  See images on the next page as a reference.


 After you enter 'hyperspace' into the box, on the lower right there tab called Production and under that is a link called: 'Create a keyset'.  Click 'Create a keyset'.



On the next screen select ‘Create a keyset’ under the Production title. You may need to fill out your profile information (name, phone, email) and select 'Business'.


When finished, you will see a screen similar to the one below with your own API Keys. It will display the following:

  1. App ID (Client ID)
  2. Dev ID
  3. Secret ID (Client Secret)


We recommend taking a copy or screenshot of this screen for safe-keeping.  Be sure to note the following. You will need to cut and paste this into your Hyperspace eBay Settings.

  1. App ID (Client ID)
  2. Dev ID
  3. Secret ID (Client Secret)

Login to your Hyperspace Account and navigate to your Account Settings: eBay Settings at the top right corner (green arrow).  


Use the orange arrow keys to scroll over to the eBay section and click on it.


Enable your eBay module if not already enabled.  In the first step, copy and paste your eBay credentials (API Keys) from eBay to Hyperspace.  Copy all of the following from eBay to Hyperspace.

  1. App ID (Client ID)
  2. Dev ID
  3. Secret ID (Client Secret)

Your settings will look similar to the one below, but there is one last step! The RuName.



Accessing your RuName from eBay  

The RuName validates the access from eBay to Hyperspace and is required by eBay. It is the final step to connect both systems together.

To locate this information in your eBay Developer Account go to My Account -> Application Settings -> Under 'Customize the eBay User Consent Form' link.

...Or you can click on the link below and it will take you to the same place.


Click the Get a Token from eBay via Your Application drop down and following screen displays:

The Get a Token dialog box

Click the link labeled You have no Redirect URLs. Click here to add one.

This displays the Confirm the Legal Address for the Primary Contact or Business form. Complete the form to confirm your contact information, then click the Continue to create RuName button.

The RuName value is displayed on the resulting screen:

Dialog box showing the RuName

Copy and paste the RuName into Hyperspace and then select SUBMIT CHANGES

There is one last important part.

On this same window where your eBay RuName appears (in eBay) it is important that you paste this into 'Your auth accepted URL" field.


and click OAuth.


Save by clicking Test Sign-In.


 The last and final step is to finalize the connection. The next tab in the eBay settings panel in Hyperspace is called: Get User Access Token & Refresh Token. 


 Click on that tab and click the button called: GET USER ACCESS TOKEN.


You will be redirected to eBay to login and then returned back to Hyperspace. The Authorized text in Hyperspace should change from NO to YES.

Click on the DOWNLOAD button which is located to the right of the GET USER ACCESS TOKEN button.


Once that is finished you are now connected to eBay.





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