Business Information Management Export


General Overview

Lightspeed serves as the master system of record for all sales, customers, stock, inventory exceptions, product prices/costs and purchase orders.

Organizations that need to export or integrate this data can use the Hyperspace BIM export module. The BIM export module initiates an automatic daily export in a .csv format of all data to an outside SFTP location. It also provides the ability to access and download all files manually for any date.

You can access the BIM module in your Hyperspace Account by clicking on the BIM Exports tab.


In this screen you can view all of the files that are being generated. You can turn these processes on and off in your Hyperspace settings and adjust the frequency.



On the right side of this screen there is a download button you can click on. This download button will produce a pipe-delimited '|' export for that date and time that you can open on your computer. 


The pipe symbol is the straight line that is above the enter key on your keyboard.


You can open that file in Excel to view all the columns and rows. If you do not know how to view a pipe-delimited file in excel so that all the columns are organized, please watch the video tutorial below. 

 With a few clicks your downloaded .csv file will look like this in excel.


Hyperspace BIM offers the following benefits

1. Proven and used by large/enterprise clients today.
2. Automatically updates when Lightspeed releases new API updates.
2. Automatic data backup.
3. Ability to manually download your data file (great for testing!) for any date.
5. Ability to set the export timing and add new store locations easily as you grow.
6. Easily expanded with new data exports and modifications.


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