Amazon integration setup with Lightspeed

Getting Started 

This tutorial assumes you have already signed-up for the following services and have an active user login and password for the following 3 items.

A) Lightspeed

If you do not have Lightspeed, please contact Lightspeed.

B) Hyperspace (with the Amazon Module activated and connected to your Lightspeed).

You should have a login for Hyperspace here. If you already use Hyperspace but are unsure if your account has the Amazon module activated, login to Hyperspace and go to your Account settings.


Using the orange arrows scroll to the Amazon settings. If you can click on the Amazon settings here, your Amazon module is active.


C) Amazon Seller Central

Lastly, you will need to sign-up for an Amazon Seller Central account.

Once you have all 3 of these you are ready to integrate your Lightspeed with your Amazon Store.


Accessing your API Key from Amazon

The first step to getting started is to access your API Keys from Amazon so you can copy and paste them into Hyperspace. This will enable Hyperspace to communicate with Amazon. It’s as simple as copying and pasting a string of numbers from one page to the other.

Click on the link below:

Once logged in you will see a screen similar to the one below:


Select the first option highlighted in yellow and click NEXT. You should see the screen on Page 4 with your Amazon keys.


This screen will contain the following information. We recommend taking a copy or screenshot of this screen for safe-keeping.

Be sure to note the following: 

  1. Seller ID (Merchant ID)
  2. Marketplace ID
  3. Developer Account Number
  4. AWS Access Key ID
  5. Secret Key (Marketplace Secret ID)

Login to your Hyperspace Account and navigate to your Account Settings: Amazon Settings at the top right corner (green arrow).


Enable your Amazon module if not already enabled.


In the first step, copy and paste your Amazon credentials (API Keys) from Amazon to Hyperspace.  Copy all of the following from Amazon to Hyperspace.

- Seller ID (Merchant ID)

- Marketplace ID

- Developer Account Number

- AWS Access Key ID

- Secret Key (Marketplace Secret ID)

Your settings screen should look similar to the screen below when finished.




One that is completed, select SUBMIT CHANGES. You have successfully completed the first step.



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