eBay Lightspeed Connector - Connecting products for eBay and Lightspeed

Hyperspace enables you to create products in Lightspeed in order to create new listings online. There may be instances where you want to create the product in eBay and connect it to an existing product in Lightspeed. 

At the bottom of your eBay tab in Hyperspace there is a MORE button.


Under this button you will see 2 more buttons:

Connect Selected Products and Connect Existing Products.


Connect Selected Products will enable you to select a specific product in Hyperspace by clicking on the far left checkbox next to the product. See below. You can select one product or multiple products.


By clicking on the Connect Selected Products button, Hyperspace will attempt to connect that product to its match in eBay based on the UPC or SKU.


The Connect Existing Products will try to do the same thing, but you do not need to select the product. It will attempt to connect as many products as possible that have a matching UPC.


You still need to check the product to SELL ON EBAY to initiate the inventory sync process.

Note: At the top of Hyperspace there are 4 gray tabs. If you click the eBay Details button you can see the Connected SKU and eBay SKU information.






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