Professional Services: New Feature Requests

If you currently use Hyperspace for integration, the time may arise when you require a new feature or setting that does not exist in the platform today. It may be something specific to your business or a feature that you want added to the top our list.

Hyperspace receives hundreds of new requests each month and we do our best to prioritize the ones that are critical.  

Your Hyperspace subscription pricing covers the cost of support and overhead for the platform. It includes support for API updates from Lightspeed, API updates from 3rd party sources you connect to, backup, security, hosting and general integration support and training.  Each subscription plan is tailored according to the different integrations you use. For example, some plans are configured for Shopify or Magento and others for Amazon and eBay.  

Development hours for new requests are not included.

Any new request takes time to develop. Even a minor request can take a week or more to properly develop and test.  Our cost to build out 1 single feature can exceed your entire entire annual membership for Hyperspace.

This is why we offer our clients a Professional Services option. 

Hyperspace can build out your feature at a rate of $95/hr. Often clients only pay a fraction of the development time. You can submit a quote request by emailing the details to, discussing the new feature with your project manager or submitting a support request.

Data Import Tools

These tools were designed for all users to use at their own discretion. These tools are provided on a complementary basis and only minor bug support is included.

All businesses have different data requirements. Some businesses have strange characters ($@#%,html) in their data that has never been tested before. Others have corrupt data formats or incorrect .csv formats. Each business is unique and their technical expertise varies. Our team is happy to help you import your data and provide general consulting at a rate of $95/hr. We will even import your files for you. 

By using our data import tools and our team for imports you understand that there are inherent risks in providing support to data systems which include but are not limited to data loss, data corruption, or complete loss of files or directories. You agree by using this import tool or our import team that Hyperspace will not be held liable for damages in the case of data loss or data corruption.

What is Hyperspace?

Hyperspace enables different software applications to communicate and sync data between one another. Its primary focus is to integrate applications with LightSpeed .

It has integrations such as connecting your Point of Sale to your online store and Web Applications that complement Lightspeed such as weight scale apps, school donations apps and advanced purchase order processing. It can help your business reduce data entry tasks, automate process and improve sales, marketing and analytics.

Hyperspace Cloud is a unified integration platform that connects Lightspeed to other 3rd party applications. It includes several integrations, data import tools, custom apps and reports. It enables the entire community of LightSpeed users to leverage new applications and extensions for LightSpeed . 

There is a complete list of integrations posted on the Hyperspace website.


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