Salesforce x Lightpeed Integration Summary

Salesforce Integration for Lightspeed

Hyperspace provides a seamless integration to connect Lightspeed to Salesforce Custom or Classic.  

eCommerce Sales Note: Lightspeed offers its own integration to Lightspeed eCommerce. Hyperspace also has integrations for other 3rd party eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento 1 and 2. Regardless of the eCommerce platform you use, all sales (in-store and online) reside in Lightspeed. Hyperspace will sync all sales (in-store and online) and customer data to Salesforce. If you have multiple stores, Hyperspace will sync stores at the location level to Salesforce.


Customer Data Synchronization Lightspeed >< Salesforce

New customer accounts created in Lightspeed will be synced to Salesforce. Customer accounts created in Salesforce are also created in Lightspeed. Updates done in one system will update the other. For example, if you change a phone number in one system, it will update the other.  

The unique ID in Lightspeed is the Lightspeed Customer ID. Hyperspace will avoid creating new duplicate records by referencing the the Lightspeed customer ID and associating it with the Salesforce Customer ID.  Hyperspace will also reference the email address when applicable. Customer accounts that already exist or have the same email address will not be created in Salesforce.

The Lightspeed Customer Fields listed below will be synced to Salesforce:

  1. type
  2. customer_first_name
  3. customer_last_name
  4. company
  5. street_address
  6. street_address2
  7. city
  8. state
  9. zip
  10. country
  11. home_phone
  12. work_phone
  13. mobile_phone
  14. email_address
  15. birth_date
  16. custom

Hyperspace will also populate the Lightspeed Customer ID and created date into Salesforce when creating new customer records.  Address, Phone number and email address updates in Salesforce will be synced back to Lightspeed.

Sales Data Synchronization Detail:  Lightspeed > Salesforce

All sales data will be sent from Lightspeed to Salesforce. This includes customer information, product information and payment information (e.g. Cash, Credit, Gift Card). The integration also supports sending employee information attached to the sales order. You can update Salesforce with the employee that helped the customer in the store (e.g. Custom Field: Stylist) and also send the Employee that processed the transaction at the register. All sales data in Lightspeed is synced to Salesforce.

The integration supports both Salesforce Custom and Salesforce Classic Editions.

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