Product Syncing to the incorrect ASIN or UPC

When selling products on Amazon it is possible that Amazon has listed the product with the incorrect UPC or ASIN. This happens when other users (unrelated to Hyperspace or Lightspeed) initially posts products (new or used) with incorrect details. They could have posted the same product months or years before you posted your listing. Often their past mistakes are now embedded in the Amazon database and there is no recourse to fix the issue with Amazon.  Amazon will forever associate your correct UPC or Seller SKU to the incorrect UPC and ASIN in the Amazon database. 

Hyperspace does have a solution to remedy the issue. 

The first step is to delete the listing that was created in Amazon by Hyperspace. Once that has been deleted from your Seller Central account open your Hyperspace Account and click on the Amazon tab. 


Under the Amazon tab are 4 gray buttons.


Select the button called Amazon Details. This will show you 2 open form fields (see below) where you can enter a new UPC or a new ASIN. This enables you to keep the correct UPC in Lightspeed, but use the Amazon UPC to ensure that your product goes to the correct listing in Amazon. 

You can enter a new UPC or a new ASIN here.


Once you have entered the correct UPC or ASIN, click on the far left checkbox next to the product to select it. Make sure it is also checked to Sell on Amazon.


Click the Product Sync Selected button at the bottom of the Hyperspace Amazon tab to re-sync the product you selected and create a new listing on Amazon to replace the one you deleted.


When Hyperspace syncs this product again, it will use the UPC or ASIN that you entered instead of the default one that Amazon wants to assign to it.



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