Orders are not downloading to Lightspeed

Hyperspace will automatically download orders from Magento to LightSpeed according to the schedule you configure in your settings. This process is completely automated and will create customer records and attached sales invoices to these records in Lightspeed. 

If an order is placed in Magento and it doesn't appear in Lightspeed, it is recommended to check your payment method mapping.

1. Lightspeed requires a payment method when importing orders from your Magento eCommerce site (e.g. Paypal).  This payment method must already existing in Lightspeed. 

In Hyperspace there is a section in Account Settings > Web Store Settings called: Payment Method Routing. 


The Web Payment Methods drop-down shows all of the payment methods that exist in Magento.

The Lightspeed Payment Methods drop-down shows all of the payment methods that exist in Lightspeed. 


Every Magento payment method should be mapped to a corresponding Lightspeed payment method. You choose one from the top drop-down and also choose its match from the second drop-down. Then click Route Web Payment Methods.



1. By default Lightspeed includes a Credit Card payment method. It is not advisable to map to that payment method. You should create your own payment method in Lightspeed for online credit card payments such as 'Web Credit Card'.  We have seen issues in the past where Lightspeed will not accept orders mapped to its own default Credit Card payment method. 

2. Renaming a payment method in Lightspeed or Magento will break its mapping schema. You will need to click Remove to remove the connection and map it again.

I do not see my payment methods in the drop-down?

If you just created a new payment method in Lightspeed or Magento or you just renamed a payment method in Lightspeed or Magento, it may not appear in the list right away.

You can remedy this by clicking the SYNC button. It is located in Accounting Settings > Web Store Settings in a section called: Magento Data & Lightspeed Locations. It is just a bit higher up on the same page where you map your payment methods.


There is a blue SYNC button that looks like this:


Click this button and let it run for a few minutes. Once complete, your payment methods will appear with the correct names in the drop-down lists.

You can always click on the Download Web Orders button at the bottom of the Invoices tab in Hyperspace to force Hyperspace to try to re-download orders after you have mapped the payment method(s) correctly.






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