Approving the suspect order in Magento 2

If your order is flagged as 'Suspected Fraud' by, it will appear in the order screen with a status of:


The first step is to login to and approve or void the order. 

Click here to view the article called: Approve or deny a Transaction

If you approve the transaction in you will need to login to your Magento admin and ask Magento 2 to check the current status of the order. 

First locate your order (Sales > Orders)


In the list of orders, locate your order and click on it to open the order view screen.


In the top right corner of the Order View, click on the tab called Get Payment Update. This function will check for new changes for this order.


If you have already approved the transaction in, a message will appear on the screen in the Magento admin and the status of the order will change to 'Processing'.


Once the status changes to Processing, Hyperspace will download the order to Lightspeed. It will be routed to the store location based on the rules you defined in your Hyperspace settings.

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