Connecting Hyperspace to Lightspeed

Once you have created your Hyperspace account and it has been approved by your Hyperspace Project Manager, you will be able to login. The next step is to connect Hyperspace to your Lightspeed account. 

When you login for the first time to Hyperspace, you will see a large red bar at the top of the screen.


Click this Red Bar and you will be taken to the login screen for Lightspeed. 

Login with a username and password that will not be removed from Lightspeed anytime soon. It is recommended that you login with an user that has a role of OWNER or MANAGER and has access to all permissions. If you do not allow all permissions for the employee role, certain functions of the integration will not operate.

Please note the following:

1. If this user does not have a manager or administrator role in Lightspeed, the connection to Lightspeed will not operate. 

2. If you remove this user (employee) from Lightspeed, the connection to Hyperspace will be removed also. It is very easy to reconnect Hyperspace with a different user, but you should sign-in with a user that will be with the company for awhile.

Once you have signed in to Lightspeed a screen will appear asking you to Authorize Application access.


Click the Authorize Application button. The system will navigate you back to Hyperspace and the red bar will no longer appear at the top of the screen.

If you have products in Lightspeed, you can test the connection.

Click on the Inventory button at the top of the Hyperspace dashboard.


At the bottom of this tab click the + MORE button,


And under that button is a blue LOAD INVENTORY button. 


Click on the Load Inventory button and Hyperspace will check Lightspeed for existing products, product images, stock and more and begin syncing to Hyperspace. In a few minutes all of your product data will appear under the Inventory tab in Hyperspace.

The Load Inventory button is also a good button to press to get instant updates on anything added to Lightspeed in the last minute.








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