Locating your Organization ID

Now that you have been certified by Apple to enroll devices to Apple Device Enrollment, it is important to always make sure that you are enrolling devices to the correct Organization ID (Formerly DEP Customer ID).  The Organization ID that you used to enroll devices during the final Golden Transaction Test is not your Organization ID. The ID of 378868 is Apple's Organization ID. Most institutions use 1 Organization ID for the entire University, but a few have one or more. 

For example, there might be 1 Organization ID for the main University and a separate one for the Medical Institution off-campus. Each campus might be managed by 2 IT departments so they want to keep the devices separated.

Access your MDM Portal here:

Login to your portal with your Apple ID. If you do not know your login, contact your IT administrator or Apple representative. It is possible that you are not authorized to view or manage devices for your University. You may need to ask the department head of the division in which you are enrolling devices to login to their portal.


Once you are logged in, click Settings, then click Enrollment Information. Look for your Organization ID in the Enrollment Information pane.

Each Hyperspace integration is different depending on what Point of Sale or ERP you use. 

In Hyperspace you can click on the Invoices tab and see the Organization ID attached to the order. You can verify that you are enrolling devices to the correct Organization ID before you submit the order to Apple Device Enrollment.


IMPORTANT: You will also see your Authorized Resellers on the right lower corner (Device Purchased From)


Be sure to click Add Reseller and enter your Reseller ID. Your Reseller ID can be found in your Hyperspace settings. It was used in the final Golden Transaction Test.


If you do not know your Reseller ID, please contact your tech store. Devices will not enroll or appear in your portal unless the Reseller is authorized. 


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