Connecting to your Shopify Account (API)

Whether you are connecting Hyperspace to your first Shopify account or a second one, this article will explain how to access your API keys from Shopify and paste them into Hyperspace to create the connection. 

Hyperspace will only communicate with the Shopify account that it is connected to. If you are currently syncing to a staging Shopify account and wish to switch it to a production Shopify account you can follow this article to do so. You will need to change the URL and API keys to the production Shopify account to begin syncing to the production Account.

Note: You are able to connect 1 Lightspeed account to 2+ Shopify Accounts by using 2 Hyperspace Accounts.

The first step is to login to your Shopify Admin.


Once you are logged in, click on the tab on the left called Apps.


At the bottom of the screen that opens, you will see the following.


Click on the Manage private apps text. On the next screen at the top right corner click on the button called 'Create a new private app'.


The following screen will ask you to fill out some basic information.



You can enter any app name and email address you want during this step.  Feel free to use the example above.

Now select 'Read and write' for all of the options and click the checkbox to 'Allow this app to access your storefront data using the Storefront API'.



Click the Save button.


You have successfully created your API keys that will enable Hyperspace to communicate with Shopify.

You will need to copy and paste these keys into your Hyperspace settings. 

Login to Hyperspace and go to Account Settings > Web Store Settings.


Under the Web Store Settings section, you will see a list of all of your locations in Lightspeed. You will need to copy the API key, the passwords and the URL from Shopify to Hyperspace for each location you want to sync data to/from.

IMPORTANT: If you do not want a specific location in Lightspeed to sync data to Shopify, do not put the API keys into that location.


Your API key in Shopify appears in the Apps (API) key you just created. Copy and paste it into Hyperspace.


Your password key in Shopify appears in the Apps (API) key you just created. You may need to click SHOW in Shopify to see it. Copy and paste it into Hyperspace.


Your URL appears in the address bar of your browser. Copy and paste it into Hyperspace.


About halfway down the page in your Hyperspace settings there is a section that looks like this:


You can click the SYNC button to test out the connection to Shopify to see if it is successful.








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