Gift Card / Store Credit Imports

In addition to integrations for eCommerce (e.g. Shopify), Marketing (e.g. Infusionsoft) and Marketplace integration (e.g. eBay), Hyperspace also provides Data Import solutions for Lightspeed.

The Gift Card / Store Credit solution is an added service provided by Hyperspace. It is not included in your Hyperspace Subscription. 

Importing Customers

If you only need to import gift card balances and associate them to a gift card number you can ignore this section. This section is for customers that need to connect store credit balances to existing customers in Lightspeed.

The first step is to extract the data from your existing system of record into a spreadsheet (.csv or .xls).

Hyperspace can refer experienced consultants for data entry and import assistance if needed.

No technical expertise is required other than copying and pasting data into Excel for most migration projects. Most clients can handle this step in-house.

The first step to getting started is to extract your customers from your system of record.

Customer Data: This is a spreadsheet that contains all of the customers related to all of the store credit balances. It includes first name, last name, email address and more. The most important part of this data file is to extract the old customer ID and paste it into a field labeled 'Custom' in Lightspeed. You can see a video of where that field exists in Lightspeed below.


You can find this field on the right side of the customer screen in Lightspeed.


Importing Credit Balances / Gift Card Balances

The second step is to download the spreadsheet and populate your data into each one for import. There is 1 sheet for gift card balances and a second sheet for store credit balances that are associated to a customer.

Gift Card Sample Import

Store Credit Sample Import

Once you have filled out the sheets, please submit them to your Hyperspace PM. Pricing for this service is posted below. Please note the disclaimer and the important points at the end of this article. 

Services Pricing

Below you will find the pricing for Gift Card / Store Credit Import Services.

Data Import $550.00

Services pricing is invoiced in advance and due before import services commence.


Liability for Data Loss

You understand that there are inherent risks in providing support to data systems which include but are not limited to data loss, data corruption, or complete loss of files or directories. You agree by using this import tool that Hyperspace will not be held liable for damages in the case of data loss or data corruption.


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