Syncing Categories to WooCommerce

Hyperspace supports several eCommerce integrations, including:

  1. Shopify
  2. Shopify Plus
  3. Magento 1
  4. Magento 2
  5. WooCommerce
  6. SpreeCommerce
  7. Miva Merchant

With each of these integrations, you can sync categories from Lightspeed to the eCommerce platform. In fact, Hyperspace supports syncing to more than 1 eCommerce platform by using 2 or more Hyperspace accounts.

In Lightspeed you can create categories with several tiers. 


Lightspeed assigns a Category ID to each category when you create it. You cannot see this ID in Lightspeed unless you click on the category and examine the URL in your browser.  See below.


Also all of the eCommerce platforms above create a Category ID when you create web store category inside the admin.

If you enable category sync in your Hyperspace account, Hyperspace will create new categories in your web store.  Hyperspace will associate the category ID in Lightspeed to the new Category ID  in your web store.

Important: Hyperspace will not sync the category in Lightspeed to an existing category that has the same name in the web store. It only creates new categories. It does not connect to existing categories that you created in the web store platform directly.

When you assign products in Lightspeed to those categories, Hyperspace will also assign the product to those categories in your web store.

If you do not want to sync categories or assign products to categories using Lightspeed, you can always disable category sync in your Hyperspace settings. This will disable categories from being created in your web store by Hyperspace. It will also disable products from being assigned to categories in your web store. If you disable category sync in Hyperspace, you will need to create the web category and assign products to the category directly in the web store admin.

If you have created categories by mistake directly in the eCommerce platform, you can delete them from the eCommerce platform. It will not affect the Hyperspace integration.





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