Syncing Products to Lightspeed from NetSuite ERP

The Hyperspace integration supports syncing products from NetSuite ERP to Lightspeed You can select which products sync to Lightspeed by clicking on the SELLABLE checkbox in NetSuite. You can also mark products in NetSuite as MAKEABLE and SELLABLE also, which will create the product in Lightspeed as non-inventoried.

Marking a product as MAKEABLE only will not create the product in Lightspeed. You still need to mark in SELLABLE.

The NetSuite > Lightspeed integration is designed so you create all products in NetSuite  and sync them to Lightspeed to create new products in your Point of Sale. You mark which products in NetSuite should be created in Lightspeed by clicking the SELLABLE checkbox in NetSuite. This action will create a new product in Lightspeed. It will not connect to an existing product. See 'Connecting to existing Products' below if you have an existing Lightspeed that already contains products.


Before syncing products from NetSuite to Lightspeed, there are 2 settings you should note in Hyperspace.  You can Enable 'Do not add Lightspeed inventory when create product'. 


When you enable this function, inventory will still remain at 0 when the product is created in Lightspeed.


If you Enable 'Do not update Lightspeed inventory after product creation', Hyperspace will never update inventory from NetSuite to Lightspeed when doing product updates from NetSuite.  Hyperspace checks NetSuite regularly for new changes (price, title, etc) to products. It is looking for new products that have a modification date that has changed since the last time it synced. When Hyperspace updates new changes that occur NetSuite to Lightspeed, it will not update inventory if this setting is Enabled. 

Syncing Products

Products will sync according to the schedule you define in Hyperspace.


You can run product syncs on-demand. This is especially useful when testing. At the bottom of your NetSuite tab in Hyperspace you will see 2 green buttons:

Screen_Shot_2018-07-02_at_9.16.05_AM.pngUpdate Lightspeed Products will search NetSuite for any new products marked SELLABLE that it has not synced already to Lightspeed. It will create those new products in Lightspeed. It will also look for products in NetSuite marked SELLABLE where something has changed. It will update those changes to the existing products it has already created in Lightspeed.


Update Lightspeed Prices will search NetSuite for any new products marked SELLABLE where the price has changed since the last time a sync was done. It will update those new prices in Lightspeed.

You can click on both of these buttons to run tests before you go live to see how products will sync from NetSuite to Lightspeed.

Connecting to Existing Products

On occasion, new clients have existing products in both Lightspeed and NetSuite. Hyperspace has a special function you can activate before you go live.  It will connect products in NetSuite to existing products in Lightspeed.


In order for this function to work:

1. Products in NetSuite must already be marked SELLABLE.

2. Products in NetSuite must have a SKU that matches the Lightspeed Custom SKU.

When you are ready to connect all products, turn this function to Enabled and click 'Update Lightspeed Products.' Depending on the number of products, this process may take a few hours to connect all products in NetSuite to its match in Lightspeed.

Testing 1 Product

The Hyperspace team can test sync or test connect 1 product for you. If you would like to test connect or test sync 1 specific product in NetSuite to Lightspeed, please let your Hyperspace PM know the NetSuite Item Name/ Number.

Alternatively, Hyperspace can create 2 checkboxes in NetSuite. One called SELLABLE and a test checkbox such as 'SELLABLE SB' (See image below). You can mark the 100's or 1000's products that need to be created in Lightspeed as SELLABLE, but the Hyperspace settings can be configured to ignore it temporarily. If you look at the setting below, Hyperspace is configured to use the field: custitem_sellable_sb field instead of custitem_sellable.


Hyperspace can create a second checkbox called SELLABLE SB in NetSuite and you can use that to sync and test product creation without having to sync 100's or 1000's of products to Lightspeed.


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