Connecting Products Together

For clients that have an existing Lightspeed account populated with product data and a new Momentis account, Hyperspace offers a solution to connect existing products together.

Products in Lightspeed can be connected to their corresponding product in Momentis. Currently, the integration supports connecting UPC to UPC. 

So if you have a UPC in Lightspeed of 88329932932 and the same UPC in Momentis, you can use Hyperspace to connect those products together. 

In the Hyperspace settings there is a function called ONLY CONNECT EXISTING PRODUCTS


By default, the entire integration is designed so you create styles in Momentis and they sync to Lightspeed. The function above should always remain DISABLED when you are using the integration on a daily basis.

For clients that want to 'connect' existing products in Lightspeed to existing products in Momentis, you can ENABLE this function and do the following (see below).

Connecting 1 Specific Product

Login to your Hyperspace account and click on the Momentis tab at the top of the screen. 


Select the gray button under the Momentis tab called 'Product Style'


All of your different styles will appear in this window. You can search for a specific style by entering the Style ID or UPC into the search box. 

There is a SYNC button next to each STYLE. 


You can also see the associated UPC's that belong with each style in the same window.


If you click the green SYNC button next to that STYLE one of two things will occur.

1. If the ONLY CONNECT EXISTING PRODUCTS is enabled, Hyperspace will connect that style to the corresponding styles in Lightspeed if the UPC's match.

2  If the ONLY CONNECT EXISTING PRODUCTS is disabled in your settings, Hyperspace will create a new Item-Matrix product in Lightspeed with new variants to match.





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