Hyperspace Inventory View

The inventory view in Hyperspace lists all of your inventory in Lightspeed. There are several buttons that appear here at the bottom of the window. 

The entire Hyperspace integration is mostly automated and you can select which products sync to Shopify inside Lightspeed. In fact, most clients do not login to Hyperspace or Shopify at all. They are able to do everything in Lightspeed. There are a few functions to be aware of that only exist in Hyperspace.

Sell on Web Checkbox

The SELL ON WEB checkbox is the most important box on this screen.


It determines which products will be pushed up to Shopify. If you check this box, this means that the product should be sold on Shopify. 

What happens if I sync the product to Shopify and uncheck this box?

If you uncheck the box, the product will remain on Shopify but Hyperspace will no longer sync updates to that product or download web orders that contain that product. It is similar to 'turning off the flow of water through the faucet'. The flow of inventory updates or any other updates are stopped for that product.

Disable Checkbox

The Disable checkbox will disable the product in Shopify. The Sell on Web checkbox must be checked in order for this function to work.


Backorder Checkbox

The backorder checkbox will enable a product marked Sell on Web to be sold online as a back-orderable product. Customers are able to buy the product online even though it is out of stock in Lightspeed. Sales orders will still download to Lightspeed, but will create virtual inventory if there is no stock available in Lightspeed.



Inventory Management Buttons

There are functions in the inventory tab that you may use.


Web Store Sync: Automatic

This function syncs critical data changes (e.g. inventory and price changes) from Lightspeed to Shopify every 5 minutes. Changes to inventory in Lightspeed will update to Shopify.  This function also syncs 'non-critical' data changes (title, web long description, weight) from Lightspeed to Shopify every 12 hours.

Web Store Sync All: On-Demand Only (not automatic)

This function syncs all data and images for all products where the SELL ON WEB checkbox is checked. See example below.


Web Store Sync Selected: On-Demand Only (not automatic)

This function syncs all data and images for all products where the SELL ON WEB checkbox is checked and the selected checkbox is checked. See example below. This button is also great for testing. You can make 1 change or update in Lightspeed and then select a product and sync the changes to Shopify instantly.


Inventory Sync: On-Demand Only (not automatic)

This function will re-sync all inventory counts from Lightspeed to Shopify. For example, if you reconcile all inventory in Lightspeed due to an end of year inventory count and want to mass update all stock counts in Shopify this is a great tool to use. 

Connect Existing Products: On-Demand Only (not automatic)

This function will connect existing products in Lightspeed to its corresponding match in Shopify. This is mainly used by customers that are new to Lightspeed, but have an existing Shopify web site with products. You can select specific products and click this button. Hyperspace will attempt to match the products together by matching your Custom SKU in Lightspeed to its corresponding Shopify SKU.  See this article for further details on how to connect products together.

Remove Archived Products: On-Demand Only (not automatic)

You can archive any product in Lightspeed by clicking on the red Archive button.


The 'remove archived products' button will search Lightspeed for products that you have archived inside Lightspeed. It will remove the archived products from Hyperspace and Shopify.

Load Inventory: On-Demand Only (not automatic)

This function will perform a 'quick-check' of all inventory in Lightspeed and load any updates into Hyperspace. If you create a product in Lightspeed and login to Hyperspace a few seconds later and do not see the product, click this button to force Hyperspace to check Lightspeed for new updates.





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