Hyperspace Invoices View

The invoice view in Hyperspace shows all in-store and online orders that exist in Lightspeed Retail

This entire screen is automated. There is no need to click any buttons in this screen for the Shopify integration.



Orders with a green dot are in-store orders. Orders with a yellow dot are web orders. See example below:


You can search for specific order numbers and even filter orders by date range.


You can click on the radio button for WEB to filter out all in-store orders and only view yellow-dotted web orders.


You can click on the GRAY buttons at the top right of Hyperspace to see information about each order.


You can see the line items on the sale, the products, customer name, customer address and more. You can even click on the Register button to see the Lightspeed store location and Lightspeed register where the order was assigned.

At the bottom of the Hyperspace Invoices view there are 2 green buttons.


Download Invoices: Automatic

This button will force download all in-store orders, but it runs automatically. There is no need to click this button.

Download Web Orders: Automatic

This button will force download all web orders, but it runs automatically. There is no need to click this button. This will bring in online sales to Lightspeed Retail. It will create the customer record (if it doesn't exist already) and attach the sales order to the customer's account in LightSpeed Retail.

When an order is brought into Lightspeed Retail it contains the following:

  1. Location and Store Register
  2. Employee
  3. Payment Method

You can create custom locations, registers, employees and payment methods in Lightspeed Retail to give you greater control over reporting for online orders in Lightspeed Retail. 

NOTE: When Hyperspace downloads a sales order to Lightspeed Retail, the line items on the sale will adjust inventory in Lightspeed Retail automatically. So once the order appears in Lightspeed Retail, the inventory in Lightspeed Retail will adjust automatically.





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