Error: This item was not relisted because the listing ...

If you are receiving this error or a variation of this error:

"This item was not re-listed because the listing does not exist or is still active "

What this often means is that the item being accessed is no longer available on eBay.  eBay deletes old listings after 90 days, give or take a few days. Especially if stock remains at 0 after 90 days.

When you post an item on eBay with Hyperspace it is 'listed'.

When an item sits on eBay with no stock for 90 days, it is 'un-listed' or deleted by eBay.

That is an eBay rule and it cannot be changed.

When you replenish your 0 stock in Lightspeed (From 0 to >1) Hyperspace will attempt to re-list the product. In fact, there is even a button called 'Fix Ended Listing' in Hyperspace. You can use this button to force an ended listing to re-list.


If you try to re-list a listings that has already past the 90 days and stock has been 0 during that entire duration,  then it may no longer exist on eBay. It has been "deleted" by eBay. 

There error means that you are trying to re-list an item where stock has been 0 for over 90 days and it is no longer on eBay. It cannot be re-listed with the same ITEM ID.

You will need to create a new listing on eBay for that item.

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