Updating prices in Lightspeed

Hyperspace includes numerous Data Import tools. These tools enable you to update, import and append data directly in Lightspeed.  You can use the Price Update tool to update existing prices in Lightspeed.

You can even create different price levels in Lightspeed such as:


And use this tool to update your price levels.

It is important the you import your file as a .CSV format. If you are not sure how to save an excel file as a .CSV, please watch the video below.

First login to your Hyperspace account. At the top of the screen click on the Data Import Tools button.


You will see numerous green buttons at the bottom of the screen.


Locate the button in the second row called 'Update Price Levels for Products'


When you click on this button a pop-up will appear. You will need to prepare your import file to match the sample format.


Once your file is ready you can click on the Choose File button and select the file on your computer.


Once you have selected the file, click the IMPORT button.


Your file will begin importing and updated Lightspeed in real-time. A progress bar will appear showing the status of the import.  

The price import file only imports by SYSTEM ID. It does not import by Custom SKU. If you need to produce an export of all products with their SYSTEM ID, you can click on the Product Details tab under the Reports section in Hyperspace.


Note: If you lose your internet connection don't worry, the import is still running. If your internet should drop and the progress bar does not seem to be moving, it is likely that you briefly lost your internet connection in your office. Rest assured, the import is still running and processing.

It is important the you import your file in a .CSV format. If you are not sure how to save an excel file as a .CSV, please watch the video below.



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