Momentis integration quick start guide

Momentis ERP is an exceptional cloud ERP solution for apparel / fashion businesses.  It is a complete ERP solution that offers Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Warehouse Management and Financials in one solution. It enables you to manage numerous brands (e.g companies) inside 1 platform.

Hyperspace provides a solution to seamlessly connect Lightspeed to your Momentis ERP platform.

Below is an explanation of each button within the Hyperspace platform.

When you click on the Momentis button at the top of the page, 


You will see a few green buttons at the bottom of the screen. All of these buttons can be set up to run on an automatic schedule in your Lightspeed.


Upload Product to Lightspeed: This button will upload all new styles in Momentis to Lightspeed. 


Upload Purchase Orders to Lightspeed: This button will reference sales in Momentis and create corresponding Purchase Orders in Lightspeed.


Upload Sales Orders to Lightspeed: This button will upload sales in Momentis (e.g. eCommerce orders) into Lightspeed.


Upload Inventory to Momentis: This button will update inventory in Lightspeed to your Warehouse in Momentis.





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