Creating Purchase Orders in Lightspeed from Momentis Sales

You can always force download Purchase Orders into Lightspeed. This is especially useful if your account is still syncing catalog-product data from Momentis to Lightspeed.

The first step is make sure that the products on your Sales Order or Consignment Sales Order in Momentis exist in Lightspeed. If your account is new and your catalog is still syncing product data to Lightspeed, it is possible that the products do not exist in Lightspeed yet.

If your products exist in Lightspeed, login to Hyperspace.

At the top you will see a tab called MOMENTIS.


Click on this tab and a window will open will several gray buttons at top.


Click on the button called: INVOICE PO


This screen will show all of the Purchase Orders that appear in Hyperspace. This screen contains Purchase Orders that have synced to Lightspeed and Purchase Orders that have not synced to Lightspeed.


I do not see my sale from Momentis in Hyperspace?

If you recently added a sale to Momentis and do not see it in this screen, it is possible that you are already using the maximum capacity of the Lightspeed API for another process or this process is not set up to run automatically because you are still loading your initial catalog data.

At the bottom of this screen there is a button: DOWNLOAD MOMENTIS


Click this button. It will force Hyperspace to check for new sales in Momentis and load them into this view instantly.


How do I force download a sale into Lightspeed to create a Purchase Order?

Next to each Sale under the INVOICE PO tab is a green button.

If the Purchase Order has an UPDATE button next to it that means it is already in Lightspeed. If you make a change to the sale in Momentis and would like to push the change to Lightspeed, you can click the UPDATE button. The change in Momentis will sync to the existing Purchase Order in Lightspeed.

This is especially useful if you have already synced the sale to Lightspeed, but realize that the shipment in route is not correct. You can update the sale in Momentis and then push the changes to Lightspeed.


If the Purchase Order has a SYNC button next to it that means it has not synced to Lightspeed yet. You can click this button to sync this sale to Lightspeed to create a Purchase Order in Lightspeed.


When you click the SYNC button, Hyperspace will create this sale as a open (ordered) Purchase Order in Lightspeed. It may take 30 seconds or more to create the Purchase Order in Lightspeed. It depends on how many line items exist on the Purchase Order.

Once the sale has been created in Lightspeed, the SYNC button will not longer exist next to the sale in Hyperspace. Instead it will be replaced with an UPDATE button because the Purchase Order already exists in Lightspeed.














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