Creating Purchase Orders due to missing or incorrect styles

Lightspeed cannot create a Purchase Order for products that do not exist in Lightspeed, to begin with.  

Hyperspace will not create the Purchase Order if there are missing styles in Lightspeed. Hyperspace will not create Purchase Orders if the style is not properly connected, meaning it was missing UPC/EAN or the UPC/EAN was not correct when connecting products.

This can occur for 2 reasons.

1. The employee forgot to enter the UPC or EAN in Momentis for one or more styles.

2. The employee forgot to enter the UPC or EAN in Lightspeed for one or more styles. If you are connecting existing products in Lightspeed to existing products in Momentis for the first time, Hyperspace cannot connect them together without this information.

The first step is to retrain your employees so this does not continue to occur.  You can also run a check across Lightspeed and Momentis to search for items where the UPC or EAN is missing. This will enable you to fix any other styles that have missing data.

Step 1: To push the Purchase Order to download you will first need to login to Momentis or Lightspeed and fill in the missing UPC or EAN. Be sure to check all of the variants related to a style. If the employee forgot to enter it for one of them, they most likely forgot to enter it for all of them. 

Step 2: Login to Hyperspace and click on the Product Style button at the top.


Step 3: Click on the Download Momentis button at the bottom of the window to download all new updates or changes from inside Momentis.


Step 4: Locate the product(s) that are missing data by using the Style ID/UPC/EAN search at the top left.


Step 5: Click the SYNC button next to the STYLE


One the SYNC is finished one of the following will have occurred:

1. The product has been created in Lightspeed. A new product will have been created that matches the one in Momentis. 


2. The product has been connected. If you have the 'connect products' mode active in your Hyperspace settings, the product style in Momentis will be connected to the matching product style in Lightspeed via the UPC or EAN.

Now that you have fixed the issue, all the line items on the Purchase Order have been created or connected in Lightspeed. You can click the SYNC button again next to the Purchase Order to push it into Lightspeed. For directions on how to do this click here.


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