Purchase Order Import Tool Instructions

Hyperspace provides a tool that allows you to create a .csv file and import it into Hyperspace to create Purchase Orders by Store. It is important the you import your file in a .csv format. If you are not sure how to save an excel file as a .CSV, please watch the video below.


Importing your File

To get started, please login to Hyperspace and click on the Data Import tab at the top of the screen.


Next click the P.O. Location Import button at the bottom.


 This will open a popup where you will see 2 choices. 


You can choose to import your Purchase Orders by Lightspeed Custom SKU or you can choose to import your Purchase Orders by Lightspeed UPC or EAN.

Please select your choice by clicking the radio button. 

The next step is to select the Purchase Order (.csv) on your computer by clicking the Choose File button.


After you have selected your file, click Import.


This will create your Purchase Orders in Lightspeed, ready to receive by store location. Please read the important notes below about how to create your import file correctly.

Creating your Import File

In the popup you can click the Download button to see a sample format for the file. Your file should look similar to this one.



1. The column headers must be in the exact order as the example sample file.

2. The column headers must be spelled and capitalized exactly like the example sample file.

3. The store names in the column headers must perfectly match Lightspeed Retail store names. The spelling, spacing and capitalization must match exactly.

4. Your vendors must already exist in Lightspeed Retail and the spelling and capitalization must match exactly.

5. Your products with matching UPC or EAN (or Custom SKU if you are using that option) must already exist in Lightspeed Retail.


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