Troubleshooting Server Errors

Hyperspace runs on a LINUX server. There are several configuration requirements for Hyperspace Apple DEP for the server. If your IT department has recently upgraded your server or you are installing Hyperspace Apple DEP on your own server, it is important to note the following:

1. API calls to Apple DEP are initiated using Curl with OPEN SSL.  Run a check on your server to make sure that PHP is still using Open SSL.



2. Disable SELINUX and see if that addresses the issue. Security restrictions in SELINUX may be disabling outgoing calls to your Point of Sale or Apple.



3. If your server is running a proxy, make sure that Apache and PHP are configured to use your proxy. It is always a good idea to run a CURL test via SSH. For example, run this command via SSH:  curl

To see if it returns the output.

4. Check to see if your server is able to reach Apple's endpoint. You can also run this curl command to check if your firewall can communicate with Apple.

curl -G ""

If you get a result of 0, the test was successful.




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