Product Data Entry Best Practices

Hyperspace provides numerous integrations that require you to create products with images in Lightspeed that will sync to an alternate source. For example, we provide integrations for:

  1. eCommerce (Web Store)
  2. Marketplaces
  3. Enterprise Resource Platforms (ERP)
  4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

How you enter or upload your product data in Lightspeed Retail can determine how the data appears in the source. 

Please watch the video below and note the FAQ questions:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. If I capitalize my product titles in Lightspeed, will they sync to my eCommerce site in the same way?

Yes. If you write out your product titles in Lightspeed like this:  

TEVA Women's Original Universal Sandal

They will appear online in exactly the same way unless your web developer forces code on the data to display differently. 

2. If I create variants in Lightspeed Retail like this (small, medium, large) and others like this (s, m, l, xl) how will they sync online?

They appear online in the drop-down exactly how they are entered in Lightspeed Retail. For example, if you want the selections for size online to be (xs,s,m,l,xl), you must enter them in that format when creating your products in Lightspeed Retail.  The selections will be spelled and capitalized exactly like Lightspeed Retail.

3. Does the Hyperspace integration support the 'List Item for Sale on Web Store' checkbox in Lightspeed Retail?


We do not recommend using it. That checkbox is not supported by the Lightspeed API. Lightspeed Retail officially discontinued using that checkbox in November 2016. It is not used for their own eCommerce platform and there has been 'unofficial' talk that Lightspeed will be removing it from their platform. It is highly recommended that you do not use that checkbox. 

If you click that checkbox, it places a tag of 'webstore' in product tags field. Even though you could use this as your auto-sync tag for Hyperspace, we recommend not using this feature since Lightspeed may remove the checkbox in the future. 

4. Do I have to use tags in Lightspeed to tell Hyperspace which products I want to sync?

There are several ways you can tell Hyperspace which products should sync. You can use tags in Lightspeed Retail or the SELL ON WEB checkbox in Hyperspace. Please coordinate with your Hyperspace Project Manager to schedule a formal training session.

5. Your video talks about activating the Web Store tab. Is there a cost for this and how do I do it?

There is no cost from Lightspeed Retail to activate this tab. There is no increase in your monthly subscription cost to use this tab. This tab does not require Lightspeed eCom.

Please review the article (below) to provide the information Hyperspace needs to activate this tab for you. It will save you a lot of time if you have Hyperspace activate this for you in your Lightspeed account.





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