Shopify Web Site Creation on a Budget

Hyperspace is a full service agency specializing in web design and development. We have a portfolio online of our work and support numerous web sites for clients today. Our typical project budget ranges from $15,000 - $25,000.

Often we are asked how to create a wonderful web site with a lower budget that has complete omni-channel integration to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.  The plan outlined below is our recommendation on how to create a site with lower design, development and ongoing monthly costs.

Here is an outline for a plan where you can create a beautiful, branded, well-designed web site for between $1,500-$4,000 that works perfectly on mobile devices.

There are numerous eCommerce platforms that integrate with Lightspeed Retail. If you are on a budget, one recommendation is to consider Shopify. 

We love Lightspeed eCom, Magento, WooCommerce, SpreeCommerce and many more, but for someone on a limited budget, Shopify is going to be the least costly to implement and support long-term if you are looking to create a branded, custom look and feel for your web site. 

Here is why:

1. Shopify includes web hosting. It may not be the fastest hosting in the world, but it is pretty solid and very reliable.  A faster web host may cost $150-200 a month.

2. Shopify includes your SSL certificate, web site upgrades, payment gateway fees and web site support in the monthly subscription. These are not included in the other eCommerce options mentioned above with the exception of Lightspeed eCom.

3. Shopify offers themes that are pre-tested for errors. The faster you can go live with a perfectly mobile-ready site, the better.  

4. All of the other eCommerce options require that you have an in-house web developer or pay a 3rd party an annual support fee to support your web site. Shopify is one of the few solutions where you can get away with not having a 3rd party support company to handle support, fixes, updates, upgrades, etc.  You don't need to pay a 3rd party to manage theme updates for your site.


Back in 2008, many web sites were still customized from the ground up. It took a lot of development resources, money and testing hours to build and test for mobile devices. Today, companies like Shopify have numerous themes that are available to fit any business. 

When choosing the right theme, you are searching for a layout or wireframe that best fits your vision.

You can ignore everything else you see.

Here is why:

  1. Your web developer can turn off different sections on the homepage. So if you pick a theme with 10 sections but only want the slideshow 'hero image' to show up that is ok.
  2. Your web developer can change all of the fonts colors and font styles.
  3. Your web developer can change all the colors, cart icons and button colors.
  4. You can modify the menu and all of the images. 
  5. You or your web developer can add elements to your site if needed. Your web developer can add a look book, blog, or an events calendar. Usually these require a little extra work and cost, but it can all be done very easily. 

In some cases, we have seen clients find a theme that requires very little change at all. On occasion they can change the logo at the top of the page in the Shopify admin and go live. It is really up to you and your specific preferences.

If you pick out a theme and would like our design team to create a few design comps based on your creative vision let us know. We will create a homepage, category page, product page and about us page design for you. We will meet with you to understand your creative vision and then present designs for your approval with unlimited revision rounds. Our team charges $1500 for design services.  If that exceeds your budget, we have alternate options we can recommend.

The design provides a blueprint of how you expect the site to look when complete. It also helps your web developer. It provides a guide that your developer can follow to ensure that the site will look exactly the way you want when completed.


There are 1000's of Shopify developers to choose from. To maximize your value for development I would recommend this company.

We have worked with them in the past. They have a really strong development team and will implement your design into Shopify for a budget range between $1,200 and $3,500.

They will take the designs created by Hyperspace and implement those into your theme. They will support any fixes and updates required as you go live with your new Shopify web site.

In the end, you can create a very unique, branded web site for a lower price point.


Here are a few Shopify themes we have worked with in the past. They are structurally very good themes and any one of them would make a great online shop.

District Theme

Icon Theme

Belle Theme

Loft Theme

Empire Theme

Getting Started (First Steps)

1. Choose a theme.

2. Schedule a creative meeting with Hyperspace.

3. Review your designs from Hyperspace and submit feedback for revisions or approve.

4. Submit your approved designs to the developer.

5. Go live with your new site.




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