How do I change my username or email address tied to my Hyperspace account?

Each Hyperspace account is connected to the specific email address you used to create the account. This can also be used to make specific connections for certain Hyperspace integration settings.

If you have more than 1 Hyperspace account, you cannot use the same email address for different Hyperspace Accounts.

Therefore, we highly recommend never changing the email address in your Hyperspace account. Even if the email address is not longer valid, we still recommend not changing it in your account.


With that warning noted;

You can modify the login or username that you enter to sign-in to the Hyperspace account.

Click on the top right (green arrow) and go to your Account Settings.


Click on your Account Settings tab.


You can adjust your login or username here by clicking the EDIT button next to Personal Profile


Click the update button to SAVE.





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