Sales Order Detail Report Activation

The Sales Order Detail Report 1.0 is a .csv (comma-delimited) export that has all sales data from Lightspeed.  It includes register, store location, customer details, sales line items, discounts, taxes, order notes, employee information and more. 

Trying to export the report over a date range of weeks or even a month can take hours for the report to generate from Hyperspace. Hyperspace is pulling data from the API and Lightspeed has limits.

The best way to create this report is to select a single day.

Activating the Sales Order Details Report Automatic Send Function

This report can be setup to automatically send yesterday's sales data to your email address (inbox) each morning.

First you will need to login to Hyperspace and go to your Account Settings. Use the orange arrow keys to scroll over to the tab called: Report Settings


Scroll down to a section called: Reports and make sure the ON button is selected.


Next scroll down further to a section called:  Send Mail Reports

Under 'Enable send mail reports' change Disabled to Enabled.


Add your email address and make sure the checkbox is selected for Sales Order Detail Report. See example below.


Your report is now activated and you will receive your first report in 24 hours.




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