Viewing Orders in Lightspeed Retail

When orders download from Shopify into Lightspeed Retail, they will appear under the Invoices tab in Hyperspace.


Orders with a GREEN DOT are in-store orders that were done by the Cashier in your Lightspeed Retail store. Orders with a YELLOW DOT are web orders. If the web order appears in the Hyperspace window, that means it is already in your Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale.



You can use the GRAY buttons at the top to tab through the different data fields for each sales order in Hyperspace. You can see the products on the order and the customer information.



You can also filter the orders so you only see the Web Orders by clicking the WEB RADIO BUTTON at the top of this same window.  See the example below.


In Lightspeed Retail, the order will appear in the customer's sales history along with all the other orders.


There are also a couple more tricks you can activate to use Lightspeed Reports to see your web orders. 

In all of the Hyperspace integrations there are settings to define the employee, payment method and register that you want to use for Web Orders. 

  1. You can create a Register in Lightspeed specifically for web orders.
  2. You can create an employee in Lightspeed specifically for web orders
  3. You can create a payment method in Lightspeed specifically for web orders.

In your Hyperspace settings you can define the register, employee and/or payment method used for Web Orders when they are saved in Lightspeed Retail.

See example below:



When orders sync to Lightspeed Retail you can use certain reports to view the orders. For example, Lightspeed Retail has an ALL TRANSACTIONS REPORT that you can run by employee.




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