Open SRS Email Hosting Services

Hyperspace does not provide email hosting services.

We previously recommended an email service called OPEN SRS a few years ago.  It was a good option for its time and much more affordable than other solutions on the market.  For example, Google Mail is $5 per user versus $1 per user.  It has been a very reliable option for years. 

Due to recent events with this company, we feel that the quality of OPEN SRS email services and overall support has severely declined over the last 12 months. Their support staff is completely incompetent and most of them have left the company for better positions elsewhere. Contacting anyone at Open SRS that will actively provide quality support is impossible. 

If you still use this service, we recommend migrating to GMAIL (Google Mail for Business).

Does Hyperspace sell Google Mail Services?

We do not provide email services. We do not sell Google mail services. You will need to sign for Google mail on your own. 

How do a redirect my domain to use Google Mail?

We can assist you with that.  If you sign up for Google mail, Hyperspace will help you migrate away from OPEN SRS at no cost.

Can I move old emails to Google Mail?

Not that we are aware of. We do not provide any email migration services. 

Can I stay with Open SRS?

OPEN SRS is still in business and it is a very affordable option compared to GMAIL. For clients still using this service, we will continue to provide ad-hoc support by relaying your support issues to OPEN SRS support as best we can.

We do not have any control over this email service, the email servers or the operation of this email solution and its features. This is not a Hyperspace supported platform. It is a 3rd party cloud service similar to Facebook or Instagram.

You can get status updates on OPEN SRS servers and uptime by clicking on the link below. Cluster B.


If you want to add new email addresses or remove email addresses from your account, we can continue to support that as well.

We have no plans to discontinue support for existing clients that still want to use OPEN SRS as their email solution. We will do our best to relay your support issues and assist in troubleshooting any email issues.

You can also email OPEN SRS support by emailing them directly at: 

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