Thirdshelf Integration for Shopify with Lightspeed

ThirdShelf provides powerful loyalty solutions for Lightspeed customers. Thirdshelf creates a seamless integration experience for your Cashiers so they can enroll new customers and rewards customers with loyalty offers in Lightspeed.

Signing up for a new Loyalty Account

Thirdshelf can be integrated into your Shopify website so users can do the following:

1. Customers can choose to register for the Loyalty Program when creating new accounts on Shopify.


The message near the checkbox can be modified at your request.



2. Registering for a loyalty account on Shopify will display a follow up message online.


3. The customer will also receive an activation email sent by the Thirdshelf system.


4. Customers can view loyalty points inside their Shopify Account.



5. Once a client has confirmed their account, the Thirdshelf system will send out additional emails.


6. You can also configure ThirdShelf to send out a free gift for signing up for the Loyalty Program.


Using Loyalty Offers at Shopify Checkout.

Customers can add items to their cart and checkout. Once they reach the payment method step a section will appear on the checkout page that displays the available rewards. The rewards that are available will appear on the screen and the customer can select the reward that they want to use.



The selected offer will reduce the balance owed on the sale and the customer can finish the transaction with a credit card, Paypal or some other form of payment.

The balance is reduced from the customers available loyalty points once the order is paid in full and downloaded to Lightspeed. The point balance updates shortly after order is place online and confirmed to be paid successfully.


When customer's purchase additional products in the store or online, they will get follow up emails.


Getting Started and Key Components

There is no cost to add this functionality to your Shopify site. You will need to use the following components to implement omni-channel Shopify Plus integration for ThirdShelf Loyalty and Lightspeed. 

A. You must have a ThirdShelf Account for your business.

B. Your Shopify Account will need to be Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus provides access to source code that is required. Lesser versions of Shopify do not provide this same access.

C. You must be using the Hyperspace integration for Shopify and Lightspeed.

The installation and activation is free for this add-on if you are using the 3 components above.

The Shopify integration is being constantly improved to support new offers that are created in your Thirdshelf account. Some of the offers that can be created in Thirdshelf cannot be translated and enabled in Shopify due to the way Shopify operates.

Please contact your Hyperspace PM to learn more about the supported ThirdShelf offers that are provided for Shopify Plus.





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