Syncing Returns back to Lightspeed

Hyperspace syncs sales, products, images and more back and forth between Lightspeed and other 3rd party systems. Often we are asked to sync refunds or returns from an outside source (e.g. WooCommerce, Shopify, ChannelAdvisor, NetSuite) back to Lightspeed from a sale that originated on the source to begin with.

A 3rd party solution like Shopify or Magento allows users to create numerous types of refunds. For example, you can discount the shipping costs by $5 or lower the cost of jacket from $120 to $100. The flexibility is endless.

In Lightspeed the flexibility is limited for a direct Refund. It requires a different workflow.

So if you have a sale for $500 and there are 2 line items on the sale for $200 and $300 respectively, you can do the following.

1. Refund the entire $500.

2. Refund the item for $200 or refund the item for $300.

We cannot customize these rules. These are preset rules that are controlled by Lightspeed. 

When Hyperspace syncs a refund, we are able to submit the following to Lightspeed to create a refund. 

1. The original Sale ID. We can send a request to Lightspeed to refund a specific sale that already exists in Lightspeed. 

2. The line item(s) to refund. We can send a request to Lightspeed to refund the entire amount for 1 or all line items on the sale.

We do not have the ability to tell Lightspeed to change the sale price from $120 to $100 for a specific line item or reduce the shipping cost from $10 to $5. This is not allowed when pushing a refund to Lightspeed. 




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