LS Web Store version 3.3.4 - End of Life

In August 2016, Lightspeed released their last and final version for the old Lightspeed Web Store.

This version operated with Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale for Mac only. It synced product data, inventory and sales data between Lightspeed OnSite Point of Sale and Lightspeed Web Store.

This version was officially discontinued by Lightspeed Retail on November 2016. Lightspeed ceased all phone support for this product. New updates to ensure that the product was secure and stable were no longer released.

Hyperspace built and supported numerous clients running on this platform between 2013 and 2016. We helped clients using this platform through 2017 even though support from Lightspeed was discontinued.  Notices were sent out at the end of 2017 to all existing users.

As of March 2018, Hyperspace no longer provides support for Lightspeed Web Store. We do not employ engineers for this platform and cannot assist with support issues.

If you are still using Lightspeed Web Store, it is highly recommended that you migrate away from this platform immediately.

This platform is not secure. The connector that communicates data between Lightspeed OnSite and Lightspeed Web Store is unsupported.

Hyperspace provides design and development for numerous eCommerce platforms. 

We recommend moving away from Lightspeed OnSite and migrating to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale using one of the following eCommerce platforms. 

1. Lightspeed eCom

2. Shopify

3. Magento

4. WooCommerce (WordPress)

5. SpreeCommerce

Please call Hyperspace at 818.957.8500 to discuss options and see how our team can assist you.

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