My Amazon listing shows the SYSTEM ID instead of the Custom SKU

In Hyperspace, you define which field in Lightspeed is going to represent your Amazon Seller SKU. Most clients choose the Custom SKU or the System ID.


If you checked SELL ON AMZ to list at item on Amazon Marketplace before inputting a Custom SKU for that item in Lightspeed, Hyperspace will initiate a secondary process to post the listing successfully.

If the Custom SKU is empty in Lightspeed, Hyperspace will use the Lightspeed System ID for Amazon Seller SKU as a backup. If this is not preferred, please make sure all products in Lightspeed have a Custom SKU before tagging them or marking them SELL ON AMZ in Hyperspace. 

Hyperspace also includes an Amazon Connection Report. This can be very helpful in troubleshooting any connection issues and removing existing connections from products that were already listed.



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