Fixing a listing due to incorrect ASIN or UPC

As a seller of Amazon you will list products on the Amazon Marketplace using Lightspeed.  Amazon will auto-assign an ASIN to each product you list.

What is an ASIN?

An ASIN is the Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN). It is a 10-character alphanumeric unique identifier assigned by to each product. Usually the ASIN is associated to the UPC or EAN for that specific product. 

On occasion, the product you create in Lightspeed may not list to the correct UPC or ASIN that you expect.  We have seen numerous instances where the UPC or EAN that Amazon has associated to an ASIN is wrong. 

For example, the UPC for ABC Dog Food is 663263283232 and that is what is entered into Lightspeed. When you list the product on Amazon, it is associated to the ASIN for MNO Cat Food. 

This is obviously incorrect, but you will spend hours or days with Amazon support trying to tell them that they are associating the wrong UPC or EAN to the incorrect ASIN for a product.

Here are a few suggestion on how to remedy the problem quicker.

In Hyperspace there are 2 fields located under the Amazon Details tab.


There is a form field for UPC/EAN and another for ASIN.


Amazon UPC/EAN Field:

If you enter a UPC or EAN into this field it will override the one in Lightspeed. This enables you to enter the UPC or EAN that may be wrong in Amazon in order to list the product correctly. This enables you to keep the correct UPC or EAN in Lightspeed, but put the incorrect one into Hyperspace so the product lists correctly.

Amazon ASIN Field:

If you enter an ASIN into this field, Hyperspace will list your product with that ASIN when creating the listing in Amazon. It will ignore the UPC or EAN.

I already checked SELL ON AMAZON and created a listing on Amazon. How do I fix it?

If you already checked SELL ON AMAZON or tagged the product in Lightspeed and it now appears on Amazon, you will need to fix it. You can remove the listing from Amazon Seller Central.

Login to Hyperspace and add the correct UPC, EAN or ASIN to the field.


Select the product and make sure that 'Sell on Amazon' is checked and also click the little checkbox to the far left. See example below.


At the bottom of Hyperspace click the button called "Product Sync Selected'.


This will create a new listing on Amazon and use the UPC, EAN or ASIN override that you entered into Hyperspace.



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