WooCommerce Integration: Connecting existing products together

Clients that have a brand new WooCommerce site can sync all products in Lightspeed to WooCommerce. This will create new products online.

Clients that have an existing WooCommerce site can use the 'connect products' function in Hyperspace to connect existing products in Lightspeed to existing products in WooCommerce. 

Hyperspace will connect the Custom SKU in Lightspeed to the WooCommerce SKU for simple products.  Hyperspace cannot connect Item-Matrix or variant products in Lightspeed to Variant products in WooCommerce using this method. 

Step 1: Before you attempt this step makes sure that your CUSTOM WEB STORE URL is populated into the settings of Hyperspace (Example: https://mydomainhere.com/)

Step 2: Make sure you have installed the REQUIRED PLUGIN that is available for download in your Hyperspace settings.

Step 3: Lastly, make sure your WOOCOMMERCE API Consumer Key and Secret Key are updated in your Hyperspace settings.

If you have completed these steps you can start connect products together.

Note 1: Hyperspace does not connect Item Matrix products with WooCommerce Variants products. This connect function only works for simple products. If you have created products in WooCommerce that have drop-down selectable options, we cannot connect to these. These products will need to be created in Lightspeed as an Item-Matrix product and then create a new variant product in WooCommerce.

Note 2: Do not check products to SELL ON WEB until they are connected. 


There are 2 buttons to connect products in Hyperspace. These buttons are located at the bottom of the inventory tab in Hyperspace under the MORE button.


The 2 buttons are called 'Connect Selected Products' and 'Connect Existing Products'.


Connect Selected Products: This button will connect existing products in Lightspeed to existing products in WooCommerce that have the same sku (Custom sku = WooCommerce sku). You will need to select the product first before clicking this button. This button is a great tool to use for testing product connections before connecting everything in Lightspeed.


Connect Existing (All) Products: This button will connect all products in Lightspeed to all products in WooCommerce that have the same sku (Custom sku = WooCommerce sku). You do not need to select any products to run this function. 

Once you have connected products together, you can mark the SELL ON WEB checkbox next to each product. This will start the flow of data (product title, images, stock, weights...) syncing from one system to the other. Be sure to enable or disable any settings in Hyperspace to ensure that your data flows correctly.



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