Lightspeed+NetSuite Price, Cost and Description Settings

In Hyperspace there are several settings to manage how price, cost, and descriptions sync from NetSuite to Lightspeed for all products. NetSuite is treated as the source system, so all products are created in NetSuite sync to Lightspeed Retail Point of Sale. 

NetSuite Description >> Lightspeed Product Title

In Hyperspace there is a tab called Item Title. This will determine the field in NetSuite that will sync over to Lightspeed as the product title or description field.


This drop-down selection has 4 options to choose from.



NetSuite Cost and Average Cost >> Lightspeed Cost and Average Cost

In Hyperspace there is a setting called NetSuite Default Cost.  There are 2 options here to choose from. You can choose to use Average Cost or Cost in NetSuite to sync to the Lightspeed Default Cost.

Below this setting there is an additional setting called Update Lightspeed Average Cost. This will update the Average Cost in Lightspeed using the Average Cost in NetSuite.


If you often modify the costs in Lightspeed and do not want NetSuite to override your cost changes, you can enable the button below.


If you enable this button, Hyperspace will not sync the cost once the product has been created or connected in Lightspeed. This enables you to create the product in NetSuite, sync it to Lightspeed with the cost, but all future syncs will not sync cost. You can safely change the cost in Lightspeed and it will never be updated by NetSuite ERP.


NetSuite Price >> Lightspeed Price

In Hyperspace there is a section called Price Level Routing

In this section you will map your NetSuite Price Levels to your Lightspeed Price Levels.

NOTE: If you create a new PRICE LEVEL in NetSuite or Lightspeed and it does not show up in the drop down list, please click the SYNC DATA FOR SETTINGS button at the top of your Hyperspace NetSuite Settings.


In the section called Price Level Routing there are 2 drop-down menus. The first one is called Lightspeed Price Level. The second is called NetSuite Price Level. You associate your NetSuite Price Level to their corresponding Lightspeed Price level and click the Route Price Level button.  

This will add an association to the bottom of this section. You can associate as many price levels as you want and these will sync from NetSuite ERP to Lightspeed.


 There is also a similar setting to the cost setting above. If this setting is enabled, it will sync prices initially when it creates the product (or connects the product).  All future syncs from NetSuite to Lightspeed will not update prices.


If you change prices regularly in Lightspeed and do not want NetSuite ERP to overwrite your changes you can enable this setting. Once enabled, NetSuite ERP will never overwrite the prices in Lightspeed after it creates the product.









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