How do I connect existing products in NetSuite to products already in Lightspeed?

The Hyperspace integration is designed to sync products from NetSuite and create new products in Lightspeed. New products entered into NetSuite ERP will update to Lightspeed via the API. All new products will be entered into NetSuite ERP first and automatically generate in Lightspeed. Product updates in NetSuite will be updated to LightSpeed

For clients that already have Lightspeed and have populated it with products, there is a way to connect existing products in NetSuite to existing products in Lightspeed.

In NetSuite each product has an Item Name/Number field.


In Lightspeed each product has a Manufacturer SKU field.


In your Hyperspace settings, there is a function called ONLY CONNECT EXISTING PRODUCTS

Be sure to leave this turned off if you are live in production and want to sync new products from NetSuite to Lightspeed If this function is enabled, the Hyperspace integration will not create new products in Lightspeed. This mode is only for connecting existing products in NetSuite to existing products in Lightspeed. It is typically used 1 time to connect products when setting up a new integration for the first time.


If you ENABLE this setting, the following will occur:

Step 1: Hyperspace will automatically search NetSuite ERP for all products and their related Item Name/Number

B. Hyperspace will search Lightspeed for all products that have a Manufacturer SKU that matches the Item Name/Number in NetSuite.

For all matches that are found, Hyperspace will connect the products together and sync title, price, brand and cost updates. Refer to this Lightspeed NetSuite Integration Settings for more details on how to configure price, cost and title sync settings. 












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