Simple to Variant Tool for Hyperspace Shopify Integration

This special tool was designed for clients that have a small percentage of complex products in Shopify. These may be products that cannot be created in Lightspeed due to a limitation in how Lightspeed handles variants.

The goal is to provide a tool to connect simple products in Lightspeed to existing products already in Shopify that are created as variants. This product is in beta and should be tested with 1 product before connecting several products.


Connecting Products

A. First create your products in Lightspeed. Create a number of simple products that are not in an Item-matrix. The next step is to create the same product in Shopify with variants.

B. It is important that the custom sku for each simple product in Lightspeed matches the sku in Shopify. This is how the integration will find the correct product and connect it. 

C. Never change your custom sku in either system once you have connected products.

D. Make sure that you do not have products in Lightspeed or Shopify that have the same custom sku. This will create errors in your integration.

Step 1: Click the Simple to Variant checkbox next to the simple product in Hyperspace.


Step 2: Select the product checkbox on the far left to select the product.


Step 3: Click the green button at the bottom of Hyperspace called "Connect Existing Products"


This will connect simple products in Lightspeed to variant products in Shopify by finding its matching sku.

Step 4: Once they are connected, click the SELL ON WEB button next to the simple products in Hyperspace. This will ensure that the flow of data begins to sync from Lightspeed to Shopify. This will also ensure that sales orders with those line items download.


Note: This solution will only sync stock and download sales orders. All other data from Lightspeed is not synced. You will be required to manage all product data, prices and images in both systems.  

If you want to create all of your products in Lightspeed and have all product data (title, UPC, custom fields, weight, descriptions, images, prices, etc.) regularly sync to Shopify, you should not use this feature.





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